Frequently Asked Questions
About The Self Storage Market Report.

Regarding Confidentiality of Data Collected

Q. What is your confidentiality policy regarding the property information you collect for the Self Storage Market Report™?

A. Individual information gathered for the Report is kept strictly confidential. We do not make individual property information available to any other party. Only collective information relative to sub-markets is published.

Regarding the Self Storage Market Report™

Q. How much is a subscription to the Self Storage Market Report ™?

A. The Self Storage Market Report ™ is FREE to self storage owners and managers. Once on our email distribution list, your subscription is free at the time of publishing. Hard copy reports may be obtained after initial publication at a cost of $100.00.

Q. Who publishes the Self Storage Market Report ™ ?

A.The Self Storage Market Report ™ is published by Tom Heal Commercial Real Estate, Inc.

Q. How is the information for the Self Storage Market Report ™ gathered?

A. Each time a Market Report is compiled, our research department completes an exhaustive survey of approximately 95% of the self storage facilities within the market area. Detailed information is gathered regarding unit mix, rental rates, vacancy, site amenities, and more. We also gather information on new construction starts, self storage market trends, and general economic trends for the region.

Regarding Client Services

Q. What are your services?

A. Our specialty and focus is in marketing self storage properties for owners. We rarely represent buyers. Our expertise is in developing and executing a marketing plan which will create the greatest amount of competition for the purchase of a property. Our motto: "Maximum Competition equals Maximum Price." We proactively cooperate with other brokers. Indeed, we market to all investment brokers nationally. Is there ever a time you want to limit the number of buyers at the table? Yes indeed, it you are the buyer, you want to be the only buyer at the table. However, if you are selling, you want to bring as many buyers to the table, at the same time. "Maximum Competition equals Maximum Price." No other commercial brokerage company shares our deep rooted philosophy. None

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